Our Testimonials

Comments from some of our satisfied clients

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my [daughter] get through the terrible period of time she endured.  Your efforts and the efforts of your assistant were truly laudable.  I was so impressed to see you in action at the settlement conference and achieve what you did that one morning.  Plus, all the other things you helped her with.  A thousand thanks." Margaret O., Mendocino, CA.

" I am really happy so far with our change in attorneys. . . .   Thank you for your meticulous attention to detail. "     Denny K., Sacramento, CA.

"You were fantastic.  Thanks again."    William S., Woodland, CA.

"I really appreciated your work on my divorce.  It was done extraordinarily well, beyond my expectations, I could not have asked for anything more. . . .  If anyone needs a family law attorney I will give them your name without hesitation."      Mary F., Sacramento, CA.

"With the utmost sincerity, we truly appreciate your professionalism, style and especially your advocacy - you are a breath of fresh air!"     Scott L., Tempe, AZ.

"I appreciate the time you spent over the course of the past year in this matter and the professional and respectful manner in which you always conducted business."      

Daphne R., Antelope, CA.

"As someone who has known a few attorneys in the family law spectrum, I can say without hesitation Katherine is the best of the best.  Not only does she know the law inside and out but she is down to earth and will be realistic with you.  Not every attorney or person out there can or will do that.  If you want transparency with your attorney you will get it here.  Not only does she do her specialty with excellence, she is by far the most affordable I have came across. 

"I refer all my family, friends and acquaintances to her because I know they will get the best possible service from her and know that every dollar spent was well spent."      

Rocky M., Lincoln, CA.

"Ms. Codekas is one of the finest most ethical and hardworking people I know!  Her knowledge of the law and tireless quest to assist her clients is second to none!  Not only has she represented me in family court, she has caught my Ex in financial indiscretions because of her degree and history as an accountant for the film and movie industry.  I trust her completely.  You won't want to choose another and find yourself in a courtroom opposing her!"        Melissa S., Sacramento, CA.

"Katherine is an amazingly smart and personable person.  The previous review by Melissa hits the nail right on the head describing Katherine as ethical.

"She knows her stuff, and she'll represent you to the fullest of her ability.

"Hiring Katherine gave me the piece of mind I needed.  Most importantly she showed me respect, and has treated my case in the utmost professional manner.  She doesn't play any weird passive aggressive double speaking games other lawyers play.  She's straight to the point and will let you know your options.

"Katherine has instilled in me a positive belief in the workings of the judicial system that my previous lawyer did or could not.  Law is not easily transparent, but Katherine is legit.  She's definitely on the good side of the law.

"I highly recommend her.  She will fight for you."         Dan. C., Foster City, CA.

"I would like to thank you for your representation during the most difficult time of my life.  Although I was very intimidated at first, you were easy to talk to.  During the seven years of my divorce, the opposition seemed to throw every obstacle they could find to complicate matters even more.  Your court presentations were informative, to the point, and very well thought out.  You were able to sort out the truth and come through to a successful resolution.  I appreciated your 'bulldog' approach, with utmost confidence.  You had an exceptional filing system and were able to retrieve documents quickly.  In addition to this, I feel I gained a good friend."          

Mandy M., Nevada City, CA.

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