Codekas Family Law

Know Your Rights!
Katherine Codekas established Codekas Family Law in 1998 based on the philosophy that clients are best served when represented by an attorney who concentrates in only one area of the law. That is why Codekas Family Law limits its practice to family law. That's all we do.  Call now to schedule a free initial consultation to see if Codekas Family Law can help you with your family law matter: (916) 662-4527

Our services encompass the following areas of family law (and more):
  • Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage)
  • Paternity
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Custody
  • Visitation
  • Enforcement of Existing Orders
  • Post-Judgment Modifications
  • Property Division
  • Legal Separation
  • Family Law Appeals
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Marital (Post-Nuptial) Agreements
  • Full or Limited Scope Representation
  • Uncontested Matters and Defaults
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
  • Marital Settlement Agreements
  • Retirement Orders (QDROs)
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